Free tickets to advance screenings of Captain America on Thursday

If you are a Sky Movies subscriber, you can follow the link to get free tickets to advance screenings of Captain America on Thursday; Captain America is officially released in the UK on Friday 29th July.

Free tickets to Captain America


New photo of Dale Street

Alan Hughes has kindly sent us a screen capture of Dale Street.

It’s taken from the this TV Spot which features some more footage of Dale Street.


Dale Street behind the scenes photo from USA Today

Below is an image take from the weekend’s USA Today of Hayley Atwell filming on Dale Street in Manchester.

(update – replaced with a  higher quality image)


Captain America trailers released – shots of Dale Street

Trailers for Captain America have been released today and they include scenes from Dale Street.
You can view the trailers on the Apple site.

Here are few stills taken from the trailer shot on Dale Street in the Northern Quarter:


Captain America sequel

Captain America the First Avenger hasn’t been released yet, but we’ve heard word that Marvel Studios has started working on a sequel. (It’s no surprise really as Chris Evans has signed a deal to make six Marvel films.)

The website Latino Review indicated that Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus have been hired to write the script.

The big question is, will they be filming in Manchester again?


Captain America The First Avenger – Official Trailer

The first official trailer for Captain America The First Avenger has been released.
No shots of Manchester or Liverpool I’m afraid…


Fancy a new car?

52 of the vehicles used in the recent Captain America filming in Manchester and around the UK are going on sale at a car auction.

So if you fancy buying yourself a slice of automobile – and cinema – history, then have a look at the catalogue. http://www.historics.co.uk/buying/online-catalogue.aspx?page=2

Thanks to Rob Mitchell for the tip-off!


New filming taking place in Manchester

Many people have been in touch to tell us that there’s now more film crews setting up on Dale Street. We spotted the trucks and winnebagos this morning, but as far as we’re aware it’s not more Captain America work.

We’ve had a letter under the door of our office from ‘Open Door Films Ltd.’, who say that they intend to shoot scenes for a new ‘low budget’ film entitled stolen, on Dale Street and Newton Street, from November 24th to 26th.

That’s all we have right now! Any more info to hello@captainamericafilmingmanchester.co.uk please!


Official Pictures of Captain America from Paramount Pictures

Some new official Captain America photos  have been released by Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment. They feature Chris Evans (looking ripped), Hayley Atwell, and Hugo Weaving.

We found these over at www.comicbookresources.com, who indicate that “Captain America: The First Avenger” is set for release on the 22nd July 2011.


Filming in Manchester draws to a close

Alas, our time-travelling adventure into 1940’s Brooklyn is at an end. The boys have worked all week to demolish the shop fronts and scenery, and have restored Dale Street to its former self.

Although we and local residents won’t miss the disruption and over-zealous security staff, we will miss the activity and excitement that was brought to our little corner of Manchester over the last four weeks. In fact, I quite liked the idea of keeping Dale Street the way the production team had made it. It’s had so much more romance and that unique atmosphere of times gone by.

By coincidence we all happen to be working late in the office tonight, with a few beers and pizza, so we’re taking a minute to celebrate Manchester, the local residents and office folk, and the production team of actors / extras / crew and everyone involved.

And of course, our blog. Which we’ve loved working on, and has been a bigger success than we ever expected. Thanks to all of you for making that happen.

But this isn’t the end – we’ll keep our eye on events here, and across the world as the filming of Captain America continues. As we look forward to trailers and previews of the film, so we’ll be posting any news for all to see. Keep your info and pictures coming in, we love ’em!

For now…. good night.

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