Photos of 1940’s New York

Paul McIntyre has pointed us to a few images of 1940’s New York so you can compare the Northern Quarter’s Captain America movie set with the real thing. We think they’ve done a good job of turning the streets of the Northern Quarter into a realist copy.

  1. paul mcintyre says:

    The canopies were up over the shops . Little shop signs were up everywhere. Army recruitment Posters posted on the walls .2 x Clocks are up still upside down ? , Grit on the streets , Street signs were up , Fruit and veg going in to the store . More signs going up .etc etc … Looks amazing

  2. paul mcintyre says:

    have a theory all the stores names are there for a reason ( Easter Eggs ) here’s my thoughts
    Broussard’s Pharmancy – Stephen Broussard the Producer
    Bankside Music – The address of marvel UK in London
    Romero barbers – Cesar Romero the first TV Joker
    Excelsior Cigar – Stan Lee from his sign off Excelsior !
    Vernon Photo – Vernon Henkel -penciller of the Howling Commandos+wartime marvel comics
    Saunders Bookstore – Buddy Saunders owner of Lone star Comic Shops in Texas
    Meyers bros – Seth and Josh Meyers – US comedians and Spiderman writers
    Silvers tattoo store – Phil Silvers ???
    Cohen Outfitters – Issy Cohen is one of the howling commandos and …..

    T C Thomas Billard Parlour – any clues … Anyone
    For Sale signs – T Roth – Tim Roth was in the Incredible Hulk