Set Walkthrough video from Hobbsy

From Hobbsy

  1. Hobbsy says:

    I think the video by default is showing as 240p on here (looks really pixelated)… make sure you change the quality to 720p (or view it fullscreen on YouTube) for best quality

    • Tom says:

      I’ll re-embed.

      • Tom says:

        Looks like I can’t do it at a higher resolution for this size, users will have to click on the video for better version as you mentioned.

        • Hobbsy says:

          Even though this column is only 560px, you should still be able to embed at high quality. If you Google around for “embed YouTube high quality” it should turn up some code you can grab…

          Alternatively on the YouTube page of this video, click on the embed button, then click the HD checkbox then click on 560×340 (the check box will untick itself, but when you use the code it gives, it should auto play in 720p).

          I can email the code over to you if that doesn’t work?

  2. Hobbsy says:

    also just to point out this was shot yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) — they have since closed off the whole street for filming now, so unfortunately you can’t see anything decent today 🙁

  3. Darren says:

    Yeah I had hoped to walk through first thing this morning – no chance, all blocked off!

    Anybody nearby got any updates to what’s happened today so far (if anything!)?

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