New photos of Captain America car chase and gun fire

Just received some incredible pictures from the set of the Captain America movie – taken by Barry John, a photographer who captured the gunfire during the drive-by shooting and car chase scenes filmed yesterday.

We could hear the gunshots and smell the burnt explosives from our office, and now we can see what was going on! I wonder who the gun-toting femme fatale is?

Update: Our sources tell us that the femme fatale is Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell

Photos courtesy of Barry John – barryjohnphotography.com

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  1. Darren says:

    The actress looks like it could be Haley Atwell who plays the lead role and love interest of Captain America ‘Peggy Carter’.

    Incidentally I overhead someone saying tonight that they’d heard Bruce Willis is going to be there tomorrow for filming – as far as I know he isn’t in the cast… has anybody else heard anything?

  2. Matt says:

    I’ve heard he is.

    But i also heard Bill Cosby was on the set on Tuesday too.

    So, it might be wrong.

  3. paul mcintyre says:

    no way , Bruce willis is Not in this film , he is NOT in the cast list .

    • Joe Fitzpatrick says:

      my mate saw bruce willis having a fry up in the deaf institute. apparently penelope cruz is knocking about. any ideas what they are filming?

  4. Paul says:

    How did Barry John manage to get so close to the action?

  5. michael says:


    I’m planning on having a walk down tonight after work, is it worth me going or am i getting to get hassle of the security and just see big solid mental fencing and not see anything?

  6. anonymously anonymous says:

    on the side closest to Picadilly station near the picadilly basin arch thing they’ve drove a truck there now, but you can see a bit on the side, managed to catch a bit of a car scene and just caught someone shooting!

    • Darren says:

      That was there this morning – I think the truck is because the green screen panels that were up wouldn’t stand up to the wind we’ve had today!
      The pavement nearest the car park was uncovered this morning and you could see a shoot taking place – it seemed to be the follow on from the Haley Atwell shooting scene yesterday.

      • anonymously anonymous says:

        the scene was with a yellow and maroon coloured car right? i was there at like half 11 but its so frustrating not seeing much! we never really get this kind of stuff in manchester do we its a big thing ! still not seeing much does anyone know if any other actors will be there except for richard armitage and haley atwell?

        • Paul says:

          For some reason it’s not letting me post a website but if you type in Captain America on google and look in the latest news section there are some shots of Chris Evans on set in Manchester today…

          • James says:

            Sorry paul, we disabled URL posting as we were getting a ton of spam – i know it’s a shame for the genuine posters.

            Break up the url with a couple of spaces or something?

      • Apple says:

        Wow wish I could have seen that surreal green screen lol…. i adore. . .green.I bet that looked Marvellous lol, the green backdrop on Dale Street…beautiful 🙂

  7. Paul says:

    http:// celebrity – gossip . net / chris – evans / chris – evans – hard – work – captain – america – 415979

    Close all the gaps 😀

  8. anonymously anonymous says:

    WOW! i was there for around half an hour im well gutted, wasnt he in london with samuel l? thanks for the link mate!

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  17. Apple says:

    lol I heard that the real Captain America is actually in the Production Team but er..you would have to look closely for those kind of details..

  18. Stuart Foulkes says:


    Hi Guys – just noticed tonight 3 whinibagoes , Arc lighting , security vehicles have set up at the same original UNIT BASE and I’m not sure if there doing any ” pick up ” shots over here in Manchester ( evening )
    Will speak to security but thought I’d mention it incase anyone else can find anything more on this ?

  19. Dan says:

    Costume truck has been set up outside of my flat too, is this Captain America again or something new?

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