Captain America finally makes an appearance…

Finally Chris Evans (who is playing Captain America) makes an appearance on set.

Here’s some picture of him filming with Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter)

Not sure what those fake feet are all about?

UPDATE: Added a couple more actions shots!

And here he is filming, chasing after that taxi that we posted photos of earlier.

  1. Paul says:

    He looks rather cold…

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  3. Oldfozzy says:

    I assume the fake feet are cos he’s supposed to be barefoot and the fakes are actually to protect his real feet like shoes.

  4. NWBlue says:

    That would be my guess, too, Oldfozzy

  5. Jax says:

    That’s Chris Evans stuntman, I know this, as the stunt team went to my Husbands gym and asked if they could train there!

  6. Cinema Gary says:

    I was on Dale Street this afternoon and the first unit has wrapped on this part of the shoot, Joe Johnston has left to film in Liverpool.
    Pick up shots next week are being shot by the second unit on Dale Street and they were re:dressing the set and have covered the back drop at the end of the street with green screen material.

  7. Tanja says:

    I saw Chris Evans on Friday. He came down the road and got into a car. I nearly didn’t recognize him with his blond hair and 1940 hair cut.

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  9. wolverinegrant says:

    Anyone know what the relationship between Evans and Carter was? And what was the scene about?

    • Apple says:

      hmm i believe it was a hefty bit of amour…could say explosive…kuhboooom…maybe there were kisses…those are just guesses….maybe they could be enemies in realityyyyy….you will have to wait and seee sorryy lol

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  11. anthony w says:

    What is that he wears on his feet???? it doesnt look like shoes but .. is that a fake rubber feet?!