Monday morning on the Captain America Set

…and I have no idea what’s going on, as security seems to have been stepped up. The Piccadilly station end of Dale St. has been totally sealed, and the side streets seem to have more police and more staff.

If anyone has any gossip or photos from some crafty vantage point then please get in touch!


  1. Cinema Gary says:

    I was there on Saturday and was told Joe Johnston had left with the first unit for Liverpool and that it would just be the second unit filing on Dale Street this week.

    They were re:dressing the set on Saturday different shop names etc and there was a green screen over the painted backdrop.

  2. Mark says:

    Saturday morning I saw Chris Evans runing between cars for a bit but Sunday was all extra work/traffic shots as I could see.

    As Gary says I heard that 1st unit had gone to Liverpool on the Sunday (or later on Saturday).

    The Piccadilly station end was where alot of the residents were coming in and out of the set from (hence the good views) so if that’s tightened up now then it might be slim pickings for the street level on lookers!

    • James says:

      Yeah looks like they’re filming stunt sequences with Chris Evan’s stunt double, I reckon it’s him being run over during the car chase scene – they’ve been dragging a long green tarpaulin with a crash mat behind a car, and as it comes past our office the stunt man is lying on the mat.

      Waiting for next take to try to grab a photo

  3. michael says:

    i was talking to the “walkers” that stand at the end of the streets with the security and police, and there is a lot of pictures being taken and shown on the web and they are not happy with it, they have been told to tell not to tell any one anything about what is happening (although i did get told that one of the main characters was still on set after being told there wasn’t) the “paps” are hiring all the flats out on dale street so they can get the “exclusive” pictures on set and the are trying to clamp down on it big time!! hence the big green screens, ok they maybe used for green screen work but it is blocking everything in view.

  4. adrian says:

    I went down on Friday, was stood about near the Piccadilly side of Dale Street for a few hours. I think even though there weren’t too many people about, some tried/managed to jump the fences onto the set (although none near that entrance). Heard somebody over the walker/steward’s radio to keep the exits tighter as somebody got through.

    I can only imagine over the weekend, with town being busier, some people will have tried their luck again and spoiled it for the rest of us.

  5. Rich says:

    Some greedy people in my building (Langley) have definitely been getting paid by the paps to use their windows for good shots!

    Most of the pics on this very site have resulted from it! 😛

  6. jake says:

    Been at the set just now and the security is a lot tighter ! The bottom is now compleatly blocked up !
    You can’t see up from the bottom now but you can at the top, which is where I was before 4een a scene
    Chris evans was chasing a car the filming stopped for a while. Hopefully going back tomoro

    – jake !

  7. Al says:

    Chris wasn’t on set today, it was his stunt double. They have moved to Liverpool now and it’s second unit in Manchester.

  8. jake says:

    So is chris not coming back ?

  9. Jason says:

    Whats it like there today(tues28th) i want to try to get to manchester and see something. Is it wirth goin at all now?

  10. Jason says:

    Can u see the set when there not filming tho? Walk thru it?

  11. Marie says:

    I walked through on Saturday at 6pm, they were happy to let people take pictures and walk around. I think on the non filming days they will let you through.

  12. Ade says:

    Yes, it’s a day off filming today. They’re back up and running tomorrow and filming until Sunday 3rd.

  13. Rich says:

    Not much to look at today really…they’re just creating new shops and stuff. Shame I’m moving house tomorrow…it’s gonna be a major pain in the arse with the street being closed. 🙁