Captain America filming today – Second Unit work

The Manchester film set of Captain America is back to full activity, lots of crew, extras and vehicles on the set today. We’ve seen the yellow taxi featured earlier driving past riddled with bullet holes – although our roving reporter wasn’t quite as swift as Captain America himself and didn’t manage to keep close enough to the car to take a picture.

Just been watching the Second Unit crew setting up and filming some scenes with Chris Evans’ stunt double. It’s a continuation of the scene of Mr. America chasing the taxi through the streets and alleyways of Brooklyn. They’re using their mobile-vehicular-mounted-ubercamera to follow Mr. Stuntman as he dives in and out of traffic.

Can’t wait to see the film with all the music and sound effects on top, it’s so strange seeing it stripped back like this.

  1. Sal says:

    The best behind the scene footage on the web so far. I look forward to seeing more James all the way from California. Will your inside reporters follow the whole shooting locations till the end of filming or just only in England? Great articles, thanks James!