Filming in Manchester draws to a close

Alas, our time-travelling adventure into 1940’s Brooklyn is at an end. The boys have worked all week to demolish the shop fronts and scenery, and have restored Dale Street to its former self.

Although we and local residents won’t miss the disruption and over-zealous security staff, we will miss the activity and excitement that was brought to our little corner of Manchester over the last four weeks. In fact, I quite liked the idea of keeping Dale Street the way the production team had made it. It’s had so much more romance and that unique atmosphere of times gone by.

By coincidence we all happen to be working late in the office tonight, with a few beers and pizza, so we’re taking a minute to celebrate Manchester, the local residents and office folk, and the production team of actors / extras / crew and everyone involved.

And of course, our blog. Which we’ve loved working on, and has been a bigger success than we ever expected. Thanks to all of you for making that happen.

But this isn’t the end – we’ll keep our eye on events here, and across the world as the filming of Captain America continues. As we look forward to trailers and previews of the film, so we’ll be posting any news for all to see. Keep your info and pictures coming in, we love ’em!

For now…. good night.

  1. Ade says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to all those that contributed to this blog, it has made very interesting reading. Thanks again and I’ll keep checking back for more postings of future events!

  2. adrian says:

    Thanks for posting so much over the past two weeks guys. As an avid Marvel fan, it’s been good to see the goings on throughout Dale Street during the filmshoot. I also appreciate the tip off of where best to view the set. I do as well completely agree, I’d have loved to see Dale Street stay that way, I walked past yesterday and it looks boring again. Oh well, I shall toast its memory with a beer tonight.

  3. Darren says:

    It’s a shame they had to take it all down – it looked great.
    I look forward to seeing the film now and seeing how the sets look on the ‘big screen’.

  4. Stuart says:

    Huge thanks for all involved in this website – loved every minute of it

    Hope that you will keep the site live atleast unti lthe films out as it will allow us to refer back to it as our own ” making of … ” when the film is out in July 2011


  5. Dan says:

    Thanks for providing such a great recourse! I popped on here every day to see whats been going on.

    Great to see things happening in the Northern Quarter, and certainly made my walk hom from work each day more interesting.

  6. Apple says:

    Shame the Dale Street couldnt stay like that it was v.awesome 🙂 but at least you guys put photos on..muchly appreciated

  7. Jim Symcox says:

    Yes, it”s a shame Dale street had to return to “normal.” I really did like the sset-up. Hopefully when producers see the result on screen there will be more film crew visits from high profile directors and cast. Maybe if James Bond gets off the ground ever again we could see him leaping from roof to roof in Manchester?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to Captain America coming out next year. I’ll be there.


    PS more Captain America photos on my site