New photos of Captain America’s Hydra Sub from Liverpool

David Stokes has sent us some great pics of Captain America’s Hydra Sub in the water  at the Liverpool docks filming location.

I want one.


Captain America filming today – Second Unit work

The Manchester film set of Captain America is back to full activity, lots of crew, extras and vehicles on the set today. We’ve seen the yellow taxi featured earlier driving past riddled with bullet holes – although our roving reporter wasn’t quite as swift as Captain America himself and didn’t manage to keep close enough to the car to take a picture.

Just been watching the Second Unit crew setting up and filming some scenes with Chris Evans’ stunt double. It’s a continuation of the scene of Mr. America chasing the taxi through the streets and alleyways of Brooklyn. They’re using their mobile-vehicular-mounted-ubercamera to follow Mr. Stuntman as he dives in and out of traffic.

Can’t wait to see the film with all the music and sound effects on top, it’s so strange seeing it stripped back like this.


Dale street before

In case you’ve forgotten what Dale Street was like before the transformation, Fetch Didsbury have provided some photos.
It’s a lot better now. If only it could stay!


Photos of filming of Captain America in Liverpool

Gavin Dodd has sent us through these photos of filming in Liverpool. If he had got there 30 minutes sooner, he’d have seen Samuel L Jackson in a BMW.


Toys used to film stunts

A few photos of the the toys used to film the stunts in Captain America. They’re parked outside our office and I’d like a go.


Set distmantle and refit

Heaton Computers have sent through some images of the set dismantle and refit. Dale street now has a gunmaker.


Tuesday – day off filming, but here are some videos and pics

It’s a day off from filming today. They’re taking some of the set apart, re-skinning the look of a couple of shops so filming can commence on a different looking street.

Howard Powsney has sent through some HDR shots and with some tilit-shift effects on a couple and Paul Cass has sent through a video of some extras playing baseball:

Video of stunt in Liverpool


Monday morning on the Captain America Set

…and I have no idea what’s going on, as security seems to have been stepped up. The Piccadilly station end of Dale St. has been totally sealed, and the side streets seem to have more police and more staff.

If anyone has any gossip or photos from some crafty vantage point then please get in touch!



Captain America finally makes an appearance…

Finally Chris Evans (who is playing Captain America) makes an appearance on set.

Here’s some picture of him filming with Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter)

Not sure what those fake feet are all about?

UPDATE: Added a couple more actions shots!

And here he is filming, chasing after that taxi that we posted photos of earlier.


More photos from yesterday’s explosion scene (23/9)

Some photos that we found on the internet from yesterday’s filming.

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