Filming with an NYC yellow cab

We’ve been hearing that they’re filming some scenes with a New York yellow cab, not sure what the deal is just yet so if anyone has any information, get in touch!

The car was parked right outside our office door yesterday, I wish I’d had a nosey.

Here’s some photos that have been sent to us, thanks to David Taylor and Vera Baxter.


New photos of Captain America car chase and gun fire

Just received some incredible pictures from the set of the Captain America movie – taken by Barry John, a photographer who captured the gunfire during the drive-by shooting and car chase scenes filmed yesterday.

We could hear the gunshots and smell the burnt explosives from our office, and now we can see what was going on! I wonder who the gun-toting femme fatale is?

Update: Our sources tell us that the femme fatale is Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell

Photos courtesy of Barry John – barryjohnphotography.com

Send photos / gossip / celebrity sightings to hello@captainamericafilmingmanchester.co.uk


Another (better) video of car explosion

Rachael Howarth has sent us her version of the explosion. Brilliant.


Video of car explosion scene

Courtesy of Stuart Aiken


Rigging car for explosion

Alex Forth has sent us photos from this morning, looks like they’re rigging a car for an explosion.


Interesting HDR photos from Anthony Howells

Anthony Howells has sent us some very interesting HDR of the Captain America set.


A bit of 1940’s street style

Luke Doyle has sent us a couple of photos from the Captain America set:


User photos from 22 September

Dave has sent a few photos from Captain America filming today and a video and Sam has sent one of a extra.


Filming Photos from Lunchtime 22 September

Some photos from the set, as close as we can get.


Live stream of filming

Live streaming of the filming

* Live steaming has been removed. *

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