Set Walkthrough video from Hobbsy

From Hobbsy


User photos from first shoot

Thanks to Alex Forth, Rotoscoper and Anthony Crosgrove.


Photos from 22nd September

We’ve been banned from the set as of last night (along with the rest of the public), so photos will be harder to get from now on, however we’ll be trying our best to get some!

Here’s some photos of extras preparing for filming of Captain America on Manchester’s Dale Street in the Northern Quarter.


1940’s Photo of car in Brooklyn

Courtesy of Karen McBride


1940’s Cars have arrived for the filming of Captain America!

Pandemonium in Dale Street and Tariff street at the moment as the 1940’s cars are brought out in readiness for filming of the Captain America movie – which we believe starts tomorrow. There’s also a bunch of bikes which we reckon will be used by the extras to ride up and down our newly-created slice of war-time Brooklyn.

So what do you think the ‘Rub Car’ means? We’re speculating it’s the car (or one of the cars) that will be blown up in the explosions which feature in the car chase…


Store fronts

With the set dressing almost complete, we popped down to the Captain America set on Dale Street to get some final shots of the various store fronts. The attention to detail is pretty amazing.


Breaking News: Cars arrive on Captain America set

We’ve just had word that the cars used in filming have started rolling out onto Dale street and Tariff street in Manchester.

Some photos from the set are below. As you can see lots more work has gone on this morning and early afternoon.

Update: An eagle eyed reader has noted that there’s a grammatical error on one of the signs…


Photos from lunchtime today 21 September

The Captain America movie set is really buzzing with activity this lunchtime, as the set builders make the final changes before filming of the Marvel classic starts tomorrow.


Photos of 1940’s New York

Paul McIntyre has pointed us to a few images of 1940’s New York so you can compare the Northern Quarter’s Captain America movie set with the real thing. We think they’ve done a good job of turning the streets of the Northern Quarter into a realist copy.


Photos from this morning 21st September

A hive of action on the Captain America film set today in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. Today is the last day of prep before the filming of the Marvel comics classic starts tomorrow. As we reported a couple of days ago filming will commence tomorrow (21st Sept) and will continue until 1st October.

The set on Dale Street is really starting to take shape, we’ll be posting some photos of actual 1940’s New York later so you can compare!

If you have any photos of the set that you have taken, send them to hello@captainamericafilmingmanchester.co.uk and they’ll get featured on the site.

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