Photos from this evening Monday 20th September

Daren Grimes has sent use through some photos from this evening, including one of a manhole cover that’s linked up to a steam generator.
Meanwhile, a Wendy Cave has noticed a grammatical error on one of the signs, it reads ‘Boy’s Knicker’s’ when this should really be ‘Boys’ Knickers’.
Rob Scott talked to one of the security guards and learned a couple of things:

“I spoke to a security guard, he told me a bunch of speculation, specifically that:
a) The Brooklyn Antiques & Bankside music store are going to have the windows blown out in an explosion.
b) There will be a car chase (I think you knew this…).
c) Someone will be thrown through the window of the Bicycle store.
d) The building at the end (Casa D’Art) had every brick painstakingly repainted, from white to red with black wear. If you go really close (and around the corner onto Newton Street) you can see it quite clearly. From a distance it looks totally real.”

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Car photos and budget

Mike Fryer (Manchester sports photos: www.mikefryer.com) has taken some photos of the cars being unloaded. He also was talking to one of the security guards who said the Manchester scene of Captain America is going to cost £26 million alone.

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User photos from Saturday 18th September

Dan Whittaker took some photos of some more American cars arriving and Andrew Pilkington has some new ones of the Captain America set.


User photos from Friday evening 17th Sep

Here are some photos from Friday evening, looks like they’re nearly ready to roll. All submitted by Darren Grimes.


User photos for 17th September

The sets coming along leaps and bounds. The lights they’ve installed have look lovely in the evening and the shop’s are looking great with items in the window, I just wish they could leave the set afterward, it’s an improvement!


User submitted photos, cars under cover and newstand

Darren Grimes has submitted a couple more photos of the Captain America set this morning, the first shot shows what looks like it could be a hotel with a newstand outside. The second one is a bit more interesting as it shows cars for filming in the garage of what used to be Ilva furniture store on Tarriff Street… unfortunately they’re all under cover at the moment.


American cars arriving

I spotted a trailer last night, carrying American cars, parked in the car park adjacent to Lamar’s. It’s was very dark and I only had my iPhone, so the photo I took it’s pretty dreadful. I went back this morning with a proper camera, but they’ve all be unloaded and parked in the car park underneath Aldi (used to be Ilva) and unfortunately, this is secured off from the public.
So, if you have any better photos, please email / twitter.
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What scenes are they filming in the Northern Quarter?

This is information we got from the production office:

“The scenes we are filming are compromised of an action sequence that will involve a car chase, special effects and a simulated car explosion. There will also be around 60 period American Cars on the street. Due to this we are going to try and keep the road as clear of members of the public as much as possible, obviously we will do our best not to disrupt your daily comings and goings and hope that alternative routes will be adequate, we will try and walk people through the set if necessary but there may be waits of up to 10-15 minutes if the cameras are about to roll.”


Set photos – Wednesday 15th September

The set’s really coming along nicely and the set builders and designers have paid every attention to detail. They’ve even placed antiques from the era in the window of the antique shops.
The brick’s that were painted individually on Casa d’Arte match the existing bricks perfectly. Can’t wait for filming to start next week!

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Visitor submitted photos – Monday 13th September

Helena Raymonde has kindly sent in some photos from today. Work is coming along and they’ve started putting the final touches to the shop facias, our favourite is the Excelsior Cigar shop!

Darren Grimes has just sent us a couple more photos through, including one of Brooklyn Antiques.

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